Iona Glen

I'm a MA History student at UCL, currently writing my dissertation on women's travel literature in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


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Stella Sabin

I'm an MA History student at UCL, with a special interest in nineteenth-century British imperial history. I mostly focus on themes of race and gender in the former British colonies of the Caribbean.


Kate Shaw

I'm a part time Master's student studying the History and Philosophy of Science. I have a particular research interest in the history of female sexuality and have published work on medical definitions of lesbianism. I also work in editing at a think tank and a history journal.


Mai nguyen

I'm an undergraduate student at UCL, majoring in Anthropology. I recently got involved with gender studies and I hope to gain more insight, especially from the Middle Eastern area. 


Beatriz valero de urquía

I am an undergraduate, studying History at UCL. I am very interested in the agency and lives of women in history as well as its interaction with cultural and artistic movements.